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Advanced Cyber Technology  

Make it Difficult for Hackers to Victimize You.  Arm Yourself!  

If a hacker has more imagination than your cyber security people then you are unprotected. 

BitMint helps you win this race of imagination. Whatever security you currently have, our tools, methods and experience will give you an edge.   This edge may make the difference between becoming a hacking statistics, and preserving your data integrity.  Check us Out:  info@BitMint.com

The federal cyber infrastructure has been compromised, on a catastrophic scale.  Separately, millions of online bank accounts drained -- you are using at best the same cyber defense, and hence you lay cyber naked before anyone with a motivation to do you in. All the hard earned products of your enterprise, as they are cyber manifest, so they are vulnerable if you choose "herd immunity". 

We offer you the defense which has been studied by Russians, Chinese, Israelis, and now by the US government. It is based on the brilliant observations of the father of modern communication technology Dr. Claude Shannon.  It is unique since it is not based on the premise that your adversary is not smarter than expected. It is based on absolute mathematical proof. No serious flaw has been found. The technology has been acknowledged in 19 patents, countless scholarly publications, and tech books. Much of it is featured on YouTube, but our serious customers start with a simple consultation session. Once they understand that BitMint technology is a game changer they move to deploy. BitMint Advanced Cyber Technology can be incorporated first on an "add-on" mode, leading to taking over the full responsibility for your cyber welfare. 

You ought to focus on your business, free from the nagging fear of being hacked day or night. We will take care of you!

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