Hands on Computer Keyboard

Hackers hide in, and
exploit Complexity


Simplicity Defeats Fraud.

Obscure and Complex cyber products are filled with hidden cracks hackers exploit.

BitMint is different.

We establish Cyber Security on mathematics so simple, that ordinary users can readily understand.

We use algorithms so plain, hackers cannot hide in their intricacies.

By Keeping Simplicity at the core, we have simplicity to retreat back to when attacked.

BitMint builds on absolute security over the foundation of cyber life: two partners sharing private information through public highways.  We build from there.

Our strategy is to re-orient your security thinking from increased complexity,  reams of patches, to solid simplicity that evolves to match your needs.

Our customers are the ones who realize that something is basically wrong headed in the way the cyber security industry moves today.  They check out what BitMint has to say.


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