So many smart people building so much cyber security, and still hackers prevail, steal, loot, compromise!

How Come?

It's simple: however smart your security provider, there is a hacker out there who is smarter.  And remember, the hacker needs to outsmart your defender once, and they are in!

The right solution is also very simple: void the smarts-advantage of your attacker, by using raw randomness, which Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, Dirac, and Richard Feynman assure us, is unbreakable - no matter how smart the attacker may be.

Indeed, build your defense on randomness, rather than on mathematical complexity.

BitMint is the one company that pivoted to this new defensive strategy, and the results are dramatic.  Nothing we ever secured has been compromised. It is mathematically infeasible.

Let it sink in. We are talking about no less than a fresh new thinking of cyber security.  Study our White Paper.  May be you will become our next fan, if not our next customer.

Cyber Security Vendors Plan to defend against known attacks.  BitMint specializes in projecting the innovation path of the prospective attacker who we assume to be smarter than ourselves. 

Nobody else defends you against this high-end attack.


Our demanding clients Can't Settle for Less.