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Offensive Security
Superposition Cryptography


Security has always been defensive in nature: nervous anticipation for an attack to come, and come again, and again, until it succeeds. There was no downside for the hackers, they kept trying. BitMint turns the table on hackers by making them trip and expose themselves. Security is alerted, the hacker is being silently tracked and eventually held accountable. Next time the hacker will go someplace else.

This offensive capability is enabled through the novel concept of Superposition Cryptography where several plaintexts are packed into a single ciphertext. Ciphertext in this context is any body of data exposed to the public, and which is hiding private data (private data here is an enhanced notion of plaintext). We build this ciphertext in a superposition state (yes, inspired by Dirac's quantum mechanics). In practical terms, the security procedures facing the hackers can be resolved in several ways. The attacker cannot distinguish between these superpositioned options, and is likely to use a wrong (decoy) interpretation of the ciphertext. This rings the alarm bell, and the system immediately starts tracking the attacker.


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