Building Global Secure
Cyber Exchange Systems


Guaranteed Online Security

Fusing Quantum Randomness with Material Sciences

BitMint takes a turn, steers away from the collision track where mainstay cyber tools crash against quantum computers, and lose their efficacy. BitMintalk is inoculated against quantum attack,  vaccinated with quantum randomness, which users pump in, like gas into a car, to secure their cyber wellbeing against any and all intruders.

Beyond AES, Trans-Vernam Ciphers Hide Meta Data
Cyber Space is a wonderful new world, with unlimited possibilities -- all of them though, at risk.  Hackers compromise data at rest,  disrupt communication,  violate identities,  and  undermine the dream of a peaceful thriving global village.  BitMint defends against these threats through its BitMintalk tool box and strategy: (i) passing control and responsibility to the users, the communicators, the residents of cyber space.  Users can 'buy' security to any desired level, by simply deploying sufficient quantities of randomness. And (ii)  planting the beautiful "digital flower" on solid material ground:  fusing quantum randomness with material sciences to hold kernel  data in non-digital (and hence unhackable) form.  The BitMintalk vision is depicting  our cyber skies  (where our shared data flows) as safe and clean, enabling  the new-found possibilities of a shared global cyber space.
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