You come to BitMint if your threat is more intimidating than we are. 

You come to BitMint if big names security have left you vulnerable.

You come to BitMint if you understand that your security is hinged on your cryptography, and all prevailing ciphers have been compromised by attackers strong enough to put forth a powerful public relations campaign to convince you otherwise.

You come to BitMint if you need a partner to stand shoulder to shoulder with, because the cyber war is a war, a brutal one.  Expect surprises, nasty surprises. Face them, out-innovate them -- prevail.

We start by fitting you with next generation ciphers, immunized against the attacks big and fast computers do so well.  This gives you assurance for your exposed communication between two trusted terminals. That is the foundation you build your security on, brick by brick.

What Happens When you Sign Up with Us?

First we explain what we do, then we do together the most critical part: listing all the threat scenarios we can find. Remember: if we miss one, it may be the one threat path used against you! Then we analyze for each threat scenario two numbers, representing (i) damage if the threat materializes, and (ii) the chance for the threat to materialize. We compile it all to your total threat assessment. Next we present several options balancing between security resources allocated, and the respective reduction of the threat. You choose the option you like, and we prepare a plan for best use of the approved resources. We both have our roles in executing this plan.