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AIAI-Cyber Security 
Artificial Intelligence Assisted Innovation -- Cyber Security Applications.

BitMint offers the power of AI to meet your cyber security threats.

AI agents are trained to prepare humanly readable case accounts, derived from Web-crawling. This technology has been demonstrated for medical analysis, for journalism and lately also for legal briefs. It may be the fastest growing AI technology. Much as an AI agents can describe a situation, like a fire, or accident with journalistic flare that would not betray its artificial origin, so BitMint develops AI agents that are designed to crawl the Web, review very large amounts of relevant material, including descriptions of successful penetrations, and in summary identify attack scenarios for a cyber system that needs protection.


The security team would then review each attack scenario, to verify that the protection in place could hinder it.


The full power of AIAI comes to play when the AI agent comes up with an attack scenario that was not imagined by the security team. Such a scenario is very likely without any counter measures. But once identified by the AI agent, the security team can put in place a proper defense.

The more surprising the attack scenario, the more it leads to innovative security.




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