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World dominance in the 21st century will be determined in cyberspace. We ought to spread out assorted plausible scenarios and weigh them in relation to each other, then prepare ourselves for what may come.

Prof. Gideon Samid, as he developed the new cryptography where math is dethroned and randomness is king, has herewith used his literary pen to explore one such scenario, which may be closer to reality than one imagines.  In this plot the US is humiliated by Iran's cyber warriors,  and then tries hard to get even -- a match of wits and grit, a nail biting read.   Get your ebook everywhere, and/or listen here below to the first 15 chapters audio-produced  for your entertainment by the professional actor Julio Perillan.

Chapters 1-5
Cipher Who Came in From the Cold Chapters 1-5 2Read by Julio Perillan
00:00 / 25:13
Chapters 6-10
Cipher Who Came Back from the Cold Chapters 6-10Read by Julio Perillan
00:00 / 23:13
Chapters 11-15
Cipher Who Came Back from the Cold Chapters 11-15Read by Julio Perillan
00:00 / 19:35
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“The Cipher Who Came in from the Cold” creates a genre of its own as a cryptographic spy novel with vivid characters and context. You’re captivated by the story because it elegantly illuminates the very real-world implications of current technology and near-future technology.

Dr. Jamar Montgomery, Esq. US Senatorial Candidate

“This is an amazing novel full of interest and surprises - it will keep you uptight till the last sentence. Imagination, drama, and a lot of action - are the best receipt for interesting reading. Highly recommended!

Dr. Joseph Kramer, Founder, Kramer Electronics


Gideon's “The Cipher Who Came In From The Cold" was intriguing from the first page. Hard to believe that he could file the plot with such a realistic insight of NSA operations and management without having been part of that system himself. Yet this story does not "leak" it is rather created according to Ken Follet's pattern of "It could have been exactly like this". . And still the actors remain very normal humans which develops a thriller that keeps the tension up to its last page.

Helmut Scherzer – Security Analyst

I read Gideon Samid’s book “The Cipher Who Came in from the Cold” with much interest. This fictional national security story is more than fictional. It is what the future of security would be like in the new world of cyber-attacks and cyber security. Not only the story is engaging, but the technology that is intertwined with the plot is even more interesting. I got the shudders so many times in the book. It managed to exceed my expectations AND be nothing at all like what I expected.  I recommend this book not only to cyber security experts but also to the general public at large – to see what the future holds for humankind. Physical wars morphing into cyber wars and this book shows there is hope for the good.

Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh, Chief Technology Officer, Vality Corp.

“The Cipher Who Came in from the cold” reads as an education in Geo Cryptographic-Politics past present and future, with a twist of AI. For if man is ever to encrypt and go ''Dark'' their bad intentions, then humanity's soul is doomed.

Paul James Gonzales

Knowing Gideon and having the privilege to speak to him often, proves that the worlds smartest individuals tell stories in a fun and creative way. Gideon is not just a humble man, but beyond an intelligent man. What he has done for the cyber space is displayed through little nuggets and gems hidden throughout the book. His experience as a cryptographer is displayed by the detailed story in this thriller. I have to read this two or three more times!

Robert Torres, Founder, Millennials Digital

"A thoroughly enjoyable thriller on a relevant current topic. I highly recommend it."

Steven Bernstein, Retired Foreign Service Officer

"Gideon is one of the world's leading experts when it comes to digital currency and cryptography. His work is always intelligent and insightful."

Steven M. Elefant, Soaring Ventures, “Tethered Money”

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