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QAI security

Quantum AI Cryptanalysis
the new strategic threat

No one saw this coming. While cyber security is obssessing over the quantum threat, (and for good reason) a completely different strategic threat is fast looming. Cyber is being challenged by a completely new attack vector. Nothing like it ever faced us, and we better be ready.

In retrospect we should have anticipated what is happening. AI, artificial intelligence, has shaken up every data dependent field of human endeavor. AI entities drive cars, fly planes, pass the bar exam, and diagnose ailments, AI surgeries are not far behind. Cryptography is no exception.

Cryptanalytic AI homes in on the environment of the message transmitter. Gobbling up reams of relevant and partially relevant data, chewing this data with superviosed and unsupervised networks, using the ciphertext as a guide, AI can do to security what the great Adi Shamir predicted so many years ago. It would by-pass it.

The challenge is new, and so should the reply be. BitMint is deploying an old martial art technique: using the opponent's strength against it.

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