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AI is here, Cryptography! Are you ready?

It has shaken every other field. It is coming for you (or rather for us, I should say). It is opening a new line of attack, one we have never experienced before. And it will require a new line of defense, one we have never used before.

AI surprised even its creators as to the level of deduction it is capable of when given an enormous amount of data. Anything above pure randomness is fair game for AI to chew on and see in it what humans could never hope to see. When a transmitter is sending a secret message encrypted, this message is not a random statement, "the sky is blue", or "the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plane". The encrypted statement is guessable from the circumstances that bring it about. Those circumstances are largely in the open. They are particularly exposed for device-to-device communication. We know who the transmitter is, we know what he or it is about, we know a lot. We personally cannot do much with this volume of data, but AI can. Based on gleanable circumstantial knowledge AI can do something that has never been done before. It can build an a-priori list of plausible plaintext messages that are the likely ones to have been encrypted into the communicated ciphertext. All that is left to do is to weed out those plaintext candidates that could not possibly have a key that would match them with the given ciphertext. Until now the cryptanalyst kept hammering the ciphertext, to extract the plaintext. No longer, the ciphertext is used to point to the plaintext in a pre assembled list. It's a whole new ballgame.

And with AI becoming QAI -- Quantum computing empowered AI -- this threat will be quantum multiplied.

What is our answer?

BitMint strategy is based on the martial art principle of using your opponent's strength against him. Since AI driven cryptanalysis will come forth with a list of highly plausible plaintexts, we then build a ciphertext that would feed false positives to the attacker so that they will think that they got the right plaintext but in fact they are being led astray, they are defeated.

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