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Cyber Recovery Technology (CRT)

The Strategic Blind Spot in US Cyber Defense









Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov prevailed against the massive bold Napoleonic invasion by practicing a superb Military Recovery Strategy, so did Churchill rescuing the troops in Dunkirk. But US cyber strategy leans heavily towards robust defense, discounting the inevitable scenario of being gut-level compromised, if not today, tomorrow. Lacking robust cyber recovery strategy will prove detrimental. The time to prepare is now. BitMint LLC is offering its share. We developed several recovery technologies and related methodologies for the cause. 

  • Non-Disruptive Credentials Refreshment: 

    Automatic non-disruptive refreshment of access credentials keep stolen access credentials short lived, and useless. See Nooance. 

  • Complexity Reduction: Disengagement Protocols: 

    Pre-marked disengagement lines will protect not yet corrupt portions of the network. Smooth exchange will be sacrificed for the purpose, but it offers the advantage of quarantine -- focus on the infected territory. 

  • Clean-Core Restart (Skeleton®): 

    Skeleton® technology keeps a core of the Network secure through off-grid data technology. This clean core is then used to re-build the full network afresh (See Skeleton. This technology is further developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratories). 

  • Extensive Parallelism: 

    Running computation tasks through two dissimilarly built systems, comparing the results. If the two parallel systems share no software and no hardware components then any gaming of one system will be flushed out and fixed. 

  • These technologies form a comprehensive cyber recover strategy which BitMint offers to its clients through (i) training, (ii) consultation, (iii) system design, (iv) IP licenses
  • US Patents:  6,823,068 * 9,471,906 * 10,395,053 * 10,445,730 * 10,467,522 * 10,523,542 * 10,541,808 *  10,541,954 * 10,594,480 * 10,608,814 * 10,673,822 
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