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BitMint Security Seminar

Private Training with no Strings Attached

BitMint is different, and therefore regardless of how well your cyber security is cared for, you do want to listen to us.

You do realize that the more comfortable you get with your streamlined security, the more vulnerable you become. Your operational inertia is what smart hackers are biting into. Unaltered protocols surrender to their patient attackers. Hackers surprise you. Your only chance to prevail is to stay alert.  

Alertness is the most profound security principle, trumps wisdom!

If you are not checking what BitMint Security has to say, you are not alert, at least not to the degree required by your security responsibility.

We are different, and therefore we are of great interest to you. We work with high-end customers around the world, we have high-end intellectual property (over 30 newly issued security patents), and everything we do is based on something no other security vendor is doing: we regard the attacker as a smarter-than-us innovator. 

We don't defend against yesterday's attack. We defend against attacks we are not smart enough to imagine -- but our attacker is. All that we do is to make it a bit harder for the attacker to compromise our digital assets. It's humility and resoluteness combined. It is a security philosophy we learned in our early years serving the State of Israel. We perfected it over the years, through field practice, through a PhD dissertation. We were driven by our fidelity to the underlying philosophy that reminds us that we tend to be over-impressed by the things we know, and remain under-impressed with the vastness of the unknown.

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