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BitMint builds cyber security and cyber privacy products; alternatively BitMint is licensing its intellectual property (IP), and we also offer privacy and security consultation.

How is BitMint different from other Security Vendors?


BitMint offers a completely new approach to cyber security. Mathematical complexity is out, quantum randomness is in. 103 years ago, Gilbert S. Vernam, of Bell Labs in New Jersey filed a patent, and a quarter of a century later Claude Shannon proved this cipher to be mathematically secure. It was an academic statement then, because Vernam required large quantities of high-quality randomness which was not conveniently available at the time. So cryptographers abandoned the high mark of mathematical security and acquiesced to 'computational security' which has no mathematical proof of efficacy. So much momentum was built behind this 'computational security' for decades now, that no one seems to notice that high-quality randomness has become commercially available, and hence the Vernam philosophy may be recalled from the back drawers of history. BitMint did notice. We developed a suite of "Trans Vernam" ciphers which we now offer to anyone who needs proven mathematical security for their data and for their communication. 

Along the way we discovered new aspects and new applications, which enrich our offering. We rely on curious residents of cyber space to check us out. We can provide you with an effective product, or with guidance to build your own, or, if you wish, provide general consultation. Drop us a note.




P.O.Box 1022, McLean, VA 22101, USA


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