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Weak Keys: Why Cyber Security is Failing

All the Prevailing Ciphers Are Vulnerable to Hidden Weak Keys Unwittingly Used

None of the prevailing ciphers claims a proof of efficacy.


They claim mathematical complexity that works for the average cryptographic key selected for the used cipher. Alas, certain keys in the key space are vulnerable. Meaning they can be extracted from the exposed ciphertext.


No one would knowingly use such a 'weak key' however key weakness is hard to detect. Some weak keys lie very deep in the key space. If our adversary spotted them and we didn't, then, unwittingly, we will use them in proportion to their count in the key space (because we select our keys randomly). And so a known fraction of our secret communication, be it national secrets, private secrets, crypto money etc will be compromised.

To remedy this universal flaw, we need to think afresh, we need to approach cryptography differently.

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