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Has Our Genomic Library Stealthily Been Hacked?

There are a whopping 10 to the power of 31 virus particles in the biosphere, which corresponds to about 100 million viruses for each cell in the bodies of humans. A hidden few of these viruses threatens the existence of human society. To fight these viruses we need first to catalog their genomic make up. A typical virus will have thousands of base pairs constructing their DNA. This represents a huge opportunity for hackers to introduce hard-to-detect errors in the genomic databases around the world and interfere with the human war on deadly viruses. As we witness the mighty United States government, the NSA included, falling for almost a year long hacking heist -- how can we trust biochemists to maintain the integrity of their data? Kaspersky already spotted serious hacking efforts targeting Covid research laboratories. We are thoroughly vulnerable. New approaches for cyber security are being called for. Time to listen.

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