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High Profile Spending Espionage

Silent Reading of Credit Card Spending History of High Level people is Sold to their Rivals -- a new line of Industrial Surveillance.

Hacker groups specialize in cracking into credit card accounts of executives, politicians, and celebrities in order to glean spending patterns, and life habits that can be used to embarrass, humiliate, and blackmail their victims. They steal no money, do their best to hide the fact that the accounts were cracked, and quietly identify interested parties willing to pay for an intimate look into how an important person spends his or her money.

It appears to us that victims remain clueless and never suspect what is happening. The exploiters of the stolen private spending data manage to impress their victim that they got exposed by a spouse, a friend, or through email hacking.

We first proposed to our clients to change passwords. Was not very helpful because after one or two frequent changes, people forget. Also unsuspecting victims don't take proactive action. We therefore developed a new strategy: subliminal refreshments of login credentials. This refreshment happens automatically as frequently as programmed. There is no above board change: same account, same name, same password. Our Nooance(TM) solution lurks beneath the surface, at par level with your privacy raiders.

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