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The Right to Hide

A Safe Head to freely sort out one's thoughts, with like-minded people is the engine of society, now in peril

Until recently we could all jot down anything outrageous on a private notebook, then discuss it with a pal, and work our way through it. No longer. Our electronic notebooks, our private conversations -- are systematically exposed to the powers that be. Powers first order of the day is to stay in power. Newness is a threat, and today's power has a sweeping tool to spot what arises anywhere in the canvass of humanity, and quash it as it buds. The dark shadow of conformity crawls upon us. Dissent -- the hallmark of enlightened civilizations -- is reviled and vilified.

It takes a long time for a faint daring thought to work its way into discernable action, but looking the other way any big impactful idea that changed humanity, started as an individual thought in a faraway mind, and evolved from there. If we don't sow in the autumn, we don't reap in the spring. Scaring people from originality and exploration will pass as harmless for a long time before the barren nature of society will keep it subservient to its inertia, unresponsive to newly arising challenges, until the end.

It's an abstract notion, of course. Hard to enlist supporters, but look, I try. The freedom to hide your thoughts, to let them evolve without being spotted and editorialized every step of the way -- is the freedom that gives us hope to survive what comes.

I believe that had today's technology been foreseen by the US founding fathers, they would have added to their list of unalienable rights the right to hide. By now this right is so injured that legislation, while necessary, is insufficient. We the people must arm ourselves with technology.

The technology of Trans-Vernam ciphers has its detractors. The main one is that it will enable bad people to more effectively plan their harmful deeds. That is true. But do we ban automobiles because bank robbers use them as get away vehicles? We like to believe that there are many more good people than bad people, and hence the Right to Hide is a net positive, a net essential.

With Trans-Vernam technology each one of us can communicate with a pal in a way that no power can crack. Not only the contents of our communication is perfectly hidden, also the pattern of our exchange: who talks to whom, how frequently, how much -- remains concealed. The really bad people are already using this technology; it is time for the good guys to catch up.

This website features the various tools and ciphers needed to put some clothes on our naked brain. It is a beginning, a direction. To benefit from #Right2Hide technology it is necessary for organizational means to bring forth wide spread implementation. Let's insure a safe head -- a nest to nurture our new thinking inside. Our hope for the future lies in the ever fresh daring, initially unacceptable thoughts as they flicker in our head today. A core zone of privacy is the pulsating heart of humanity.

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