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Drones are the fastest growing Mode of Transportation -- the Fastest Growing Hacking Target Too

Hacked drones smashing into windows, bumping into people, peeping through sunlight windows... this is the troubling scenario for the not distant future. The only way to enjoy this new technology without undue risk is to insure sufficient crypto defense. This is a special challenge for small sneaky drones that operate on limited batteries or on sunlight. Nominal crypto engines drain those batteries too fast. A new thinking is needed. BitMint proposes a solution. Check it out.

The more advanced technology regards swarms of communicating tiny drones that can penetrate hidden places, explore areas that otherwise remain unseen. Applications include disaster recovery and military espionage. These swarms will not work if their network traffic will lose their integrity via crypto aggression. Again -- a crypto challenge, for which the BitMint proposition is a serious remedy. The spectre of 'swarms of drones' is addressed in a recent thriller. Check out "The Ninth Plague: A Fictional NSA Story with Reality Not Far Behind".

Drones are here to stay, keeping them safe is the call of the day!

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